Sustainable Investing

What is the S&P 500 Planet Friendly theme?

Your stock portfolio will invest in the S&P 500 companies most aligned to a greener future. Through a stock ETF, you’ll be exposed to the S&P 500 Paris-Aligned Climate Index, a subset of the S&P 500 that includes the companies most committed to the Paris Agreement.

What are green bonds?

We’ll help you better understand the meaning and mechanics of the green bond market. What are green bonds - let's have a look!

Your Gender Equality Portfolio Impact. More equal world!

We know figuring out the impact of your investments is a difficult exercise with often vague and subjective conclusions. Therefore, we aim to describe it for you as concretely as possible across our three portfolio themes of climate, gender equality and health. Your Gender Equality Portfolios creating more equal world In gender equality theme we mainly focus on the number of women on corporate boards and compare it against the broad stock market, the S&P 500 stock index.