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Your money is your vote

Our financial decisions do not just affect profits or losses - they also affect the world around us. Every euro you invest has an impact on our planet and future.

At Grünfin, we believe sustainable investing is the best way for people to create positive change. That’s why we are on a mission to make sustainable investing easy and accessible so that everyone can invest based on their values. And it guides us when we’re making investment decisions on your behalf.

Because one thing is certain: waiting is not an option.

We have to act now if we want to make a difference. Especially if we want to change our planet for the better.

We need to stress urgency for this issue

We all know that our planet isn’t in good shape. Climate change, floods, forest fires, among other crises. These things can seem beyond our control, but every time we spend our money on something, you are supporting the company and what it’s doing.

By avoiding companies with a negative track record, and buying products from companies with a positive impact, we can send a strong message for change, and support those who contribute to a better world.

Companies need our money. Consequently, we should only support companies that are committed to sustainability and positive change.

Sustainable investing as a crucial driver

We believe that sustainable investing is a crucial driver to positive change. By investing in a way that positively influences society, investors can contribute to a more sustainable future.

A quick recap: Sustainable investing refers to investments made into companies, governments, organisations, and funds that contribute positively to the planet and society’s well-being.

This means, it provides capital to sustainable companies and those that want to contribute to saving the environment. It also helps those that support gender equality or work on healthcare.

You as an investor can influence companies by directing your capital to those that contribute positively to the environment and society.

Using investment decisions to change how corporate money flows has an even bigger impact than supporting smaller impact projects or changing lifestyle habits.

Did you know?

A UK study found that a green pension could be more effective than giving up flying, becoming a vegetarian or making other greener lifestyle choices.

Of course, we don’t want you to stop from investing in small projects or following sustainable life choices. But you get the point.

The more people invest in funds that promote sustainable values – the more companies align with these values.

At Grünfin, we enable you to invest based on your values and align your money with those companies that strive to make a difference.

You’re not only investing in your own future or for the sake of financial return, but investing in a positive change to make an impact on the world.

Get involved with shareholder engagement

To impact companies in our portfolio, we must engage with them directly.

That’s why we have joined forces with ShareAction, a UK non-profit that leads investor coalitions.

They enable us to engage with and collectively back calls on companies to act on climate change, workforce conditions and public health.

Along with them, we meet with top executives at some of the largest companies in the world to influence their sustainability agendas. And we support shareholder resolutions that direct companies to act for a better planet and ask our fund managers to vote for such proposals.

It’s a long way to the top if you want to make a change

Ahead of last week’s Credit Suisse Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, a group of investors announced their intention to vote for a climate resolution coordinated by our partner ShareAction.

We at Grünfin predeclared our support in favor of this resolution.

The purpose of it was to urge Credit Suisse to set new targets to reduce emissions connected to its loan book, to significantly reduce financing to fossil fuel development to limit climate change and to support businesses in switching to a low-carbon economy.

The core problem right now is that banks in general continue financing fossil fuel companies and projects. But if we want to get to net-zero emissions by 2050, in accordance with the Paris Agreement, banks have to stop providing this “petrol” that keeps the “motor” of the fossil fuel industry running.

Unfortunately, only about a quarter of Credit Suisse’s shareholder base voted against management on the climate resolution filed by ShareAction and supported by us.

This may sound discouraging now, but we shouldn’t let this discourage us at all.


This resolution was the first climate resolution of its kind to be voted on at a Swiss company.

The voting result is a strong signal of support for Credit Suisse to strengthen its climate plan and accelerate its move away from fossil fuels. Credit Suisse certainly noticed it and should incorporate the demands of concerned investors.

Shareholders who didn’t vote for the resolution now have many questions to answer. Many of their clients have net-zero ambitions. It’s about time that these ambitions be represented in the vote.

So, what’s the conclusion? Choose your asset managers based on your values. Be aware how they vote and make sure they stand for what you care about.

To keep you encouraged, let’s give you the example of HSBC. After years of investor engagement, HSBC made several new commitments on climate change (similar to those of the Credit Suisse resolution) this past March. HSBC agreed to phase down financing of fossil fuels in line with limiting global temperature rise to 1.5 C. This was a major deal for Europe’s largest oil and gas lender.

You see: These things take time but persistence pays off.

Sustainable investing is a marathon, not a sprint.

At Grünfin we are focused on the long-term investment strategy.

We can move towards a more sustainable future by putting capital to work in a way that positively influences society.

We represent customers who care about a sustainable future. And we make our and your voice heard.

The more we are, the more impact we have!

Together, we can do it!

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